Cotton Candy Chignon

cotton candy chignon

If there’s one hairstyle I’m crazy about, it’s this one: the cotton candy bun. The standard version of this bun debuted last year with the help of my friend, Chrisi. I can’t stop wearing it. For the longest time, I had been wearing the bun high on my head, top knot style. See here, here, and yes, here.

And then it hit me. This bun looks great, period. High or low, a messy bun really can be chic. The best part about this style is that it’s great for Day 2 or Day 3 of your blowout. Heck, sometimes I even do it on Day 4.

A cotton candy bun = 30 to 45 minutes of more sleep in the morning. And that’s a beautiful thing.

1. Tie It Back.

Pull your hair back into a low ponytail. (Mane Message ties are my favorite.)

2. Spray It.

Take 1-inch sections of your ponytail and spray it with hair spray.

3. Tease ‘Em.

Backcomb each 1-inch section with a teasing brush. If it looks like there’s an animal back there, you’re doing it right. Keep going.

4. Wrap It.

Gather your messy ponytail into one hand and wrap it around your elastic.

5. Secure It.

Secure the bun in place with 3-4 bobby pins and spray the heck out of it with hair spray. That thing isn’t going anywhere.

6. Adorn It.

Add a touch of sparkle with this headband (from Chrisi’s line) or a more abstract one, which would look great with a white on white ensemble.

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