18 Stylish Faux Taxidermy Wall Mounts for Your Interior

Faux Taxidermy Wall Decor

Decorating has been somewhat on the back burner this past year, but now I’m making it a priority. B made a really good analogy last night: our apartment is kind of like a startup. We’re building our minimally viable product. First, we focused on function (furniture) and now we’re focusing on user experience (decor). Once we’re finished, we’re going to invite our friends over (users) for a big ol’ bash.

I’ve been on a bit of a faux taxidermy hunt lately. Can ya tell?! This collection of wall mounts brings taxidermy into the twenty-first century. They areΒ chic and modern. A total conversation starter. I’m confident you can reclaim any boring wall just by adding a little pop of color in the form of “fauxidermy.”

And just to be clear, none of these animal heads have any actual animal parts. They are handcrafted pieces made out of resin or metal.

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